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I did not fully understand the blessing my parents bestowed on me by giving me the name Teva until I found its origin and definition later in my life. 


A name with its origin from the middle ages of the Hebrew language meaning "nature" or "of nature".  While my parents said they gave me the name not knowing its meaning they could not have found a better name to define my life, personality and outlook on our world.  As our life surroundings help create the foundation of who we are, my world has been filled with farmland and forest, family and friends, and of course all Gods animal creations.

A wise man once said "Nature is not mute, it is man who is deaf". I will add, not only does Nature have a voice, it has a renewable energy that is timeless.  Natures creations can be a simple beauty or the most intricate designs imaginable but no creation exist just for admiration, there is a circle of intention and an energy all to itself.The forest was my playground as a child and I never felt alone.  My imagination found friends everywhere. Everything in nature (trees, leaves, rocks, flowers and yes...weeds) were and still are ALIVE and with its own individual character.It is with that belief and my relationship with Nature, that I design and create TevaJane precious metal jewelry. 

I design with the intention to reflect how nature flows and to capture that slice of beauty and energy that I see and feel for what each piece represents.

Proudly Designed and Crafted in the U.S.A.
Sterling Silver Jewelry Made in the U.S.A.


  • I own several pieces of TevaJane jewelry, and I treasure every one of them. I love their organic and unique nature. This jewelry is very special and I can't wait to purchase my next piece!
    - Suzan Vaughan

  • I have lots of jewelry, but I usually end up wearing my TevaJane pieces. They are so easy to wear, easy for dressing up or down, and I always get compliments on them. I love their connection to nature, and the gentle spirit that created them...
    - Dorthy Savant

  • When the decision was made to open my new art gallery in downtown Franklin, the decisions involved in selecting artists was critical of course. During the selection process I was thinking about a particular jewelry artist, who I thought had outstanding original designs. I had met Teva at the Centennial Park TACA show and was fascinated by both she and her works. Teva's love of nature and life in general made a big impression on me and I knew I wanted her to be a part of my gallery and she agreed. While having her works in the gallery, customers were always fascinated with Teva's designs and it gave the gallery a definite edge regarding original designed jewelry. It has been exciting for us to have been a part Teva's growth in her business and have no doubt her works will continue to be sought after by many.
    - Kelly Harwood, Gallery 202 (Franklin, TN)

  • After a weekend away we returned home to find the Tree of Grace in the mailbox. What a treat, it’s beautiful. I also wanted to thank you for the little paw. You did not have to do that, but thank you so much, it’s terrific and will wear it often. I look forward to checking out your newsletter.
    - Cheers, Rebekah

  • Teva Jane Jewelry is some of the finest quality jewelry I have found. Each piece is magically crafted out of the finest materials. I love to wear my tree medallion. Not only does it make me feel great to wear it, but people notice it and comment on the beauty of it. Every detail is carefully place and intuitively created. I love the connection of beauty, grace and nature! Feeling connected to nature and feeling beautiful….what more could I ask for?
    - Sincerely, Patsy Patricia Seay Dollar