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January 10, 2020 1 Comment

Graduation Gift

In life everything is cyclical. They say out with the old and in with the new. But for a younger generation, intrigue is starting to come from the old. Who would have thought the 80's would be cool again?

My teenage great nieces and nephews live in a world of instant gratification. They are used to communicating on their phones through mobile apps and on social media. It's common place to them. But I love nature not technology. So I always struggle when trying to think of the perfect gift to buy (or better yet, make them.) What would be an awesome gift with heartfelt intentions and purpose?
But this year I came up with the perfect idea!
My passion is making jewelry inspired by nature. Whether I use sterling silver or real leather, I try to capture the essence of the beauty around us. I also love the simple pleasures in life, like hearing from a loved one out of the blue.
So after careful consideration, I chose to go "old school" with my recent gifts for them. I decided to bring them back to a time before cell phones and computers.
Leather notebook folder
I made each of them a leather notebook folder. They are hand stitched and I burned their names on the front. I included a note telling them about the excitement of writing letters to my friends as a kid. I encouraged them to write me back. I put paper and envelopes in the pocket to make it easy for them to get started. And I promised to respond to each letter I received.
Contents of Leather Notebook folder
I can't explain the feeling I had when I received my first letters back from nieces. By the time the third letter arrived I was ecstatic. The gifts were a hit.
These are a perfect gifts for any high school or college student graduating in a few months. Really, it's the perfect gift for anybody you would like to hear from more. We can customize them for whatever you need.
Letter writing is something that has become obsolete. It's time we brought it back. So I say out with the NEW and IN with the old!


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Morning Sherrod
Morning Sherrod

January 22, 2020

Teva, I always look forward to reading your emails to see what you have written about our God, and His beautiful nature. I love the idea of notebook for graduates! Sometimes I feel we have lost that special word,touch, hug to our neighbor! You are a true woman of love in so many ways and such and such an inspiration to so many!! ♥️

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