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Thin Line Collection: Police | Firefighters | EMS

February 17, 2017

Thin Line Collection: Police | Firefighters | EMS

We Appreciate Our Law Enforcement, Firefighters, & Paramedics! 

     At TevaJane, our hearts go out to those who risk their lives to keep our lives safe on a daily basis. Inspired by the hard work, sacrifice, and love these individuals (and their families) provide our communities and our country, TevaJane worked diligently to provide a pendant that we hope you will hold as close to your heart as we hold those who inspired the charms to ours.

     To honor those involved in public service, TevaJane created the Thin Line collection. For those who risk their lives daily, and their families who endure so much, our "Thin Line" collection features a fine silver heart with a pigmented enameled line to represent different lines of duty. Each silver heart features a shiny finish for added radiance. 

Shop the Thin Line Collection now by clicking the image below!

Public Service/Safety Pendants - Firemen - Law Enforcement - Paramedics - TevaJane

These pieces, as with all TevaJane products, comes with a Limited-Lifetime Warranty.

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