The beauty of Silver

July 06, 2017

Sunshine Polishing Cloth for Sterling Silver Jewelry

One of the many beauties of sterling silver is that it tarnishes! Yes, you read this correct!

Many of my designs are dimensional with very small intricate details which would be visually lost if I did not take the time to add a patina to them.

There are several ways to add a patina to sterling silver.  My favorite method is using an oxidizer called  Liver of Sulfur (a potassium sulfide)  and watching a design go from shiny silver through a range of colors:  golden yellow, then copper…green…blue…purple and eventually to black.

Patina Sterling Silver Jewelry

This process is amazing and entertaining as I watch the transformation each piece makes as no two pieces ever process the same. The dreadful part is perhaps the smell of rotten eggs that Liver of Sulfur emits.

As many metals that contain copper (such as sterling silver, brass, bronze and copper) will eventually naturally patina over time, Liver of Sulfur can do this quickly. Natural patina and liver of sulfur patina will never fade, flake or peel off as some of the other antiquing techniques can.

Patina of Tree of Life

After completely drying a piece that has received this patina process, I polish, polish and then polish more. This process takes time and precision to get just the right look. Once I am happy with the appearance, I tumble the piece in stainless steel shot which gives each piece a final burnishing.

Very much worth the time and smell!

A polishing pad is included with every purchase so that you can keep your TevaJane jewelry polished and beautiful as the day you received it.

We also carry Sunshine Polishing Cloths which is perfect for cleaning your sterling silver jewelry. Be sure to add one to your order!

Sunshine Polishing Cloth

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