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Sterling Silver Tree Pendants

August 23, 2016

Sterling Silver Tree Pendants

When I view a tree, I see its beauty beginning with the roots providing nourishment and support to the trunk. I see its distinct texture protecting the flow of life inside. With the support of the trunk, grace is found in the flow of the limbs displaying a bump or perhaps a fork or two. Beauty is found as the branches reach high to the sun providing a canopy of green leaves.

With the transition to Autumn as the days become shorter, the fall foliage will appear in hues of yellow, orange, red, purple and brown. The beautiful colored leaves will fall to the ground to provide shelter for its seedlings through winter.  It will then be time for the tree to rest.

So I find beauty in a tree in so many ways.

Historically trees are symbolic of life, family, courage, wisdom, strength, grace, faith and so much more. Here are my renditions of a few...


Tree of Grace is symbolic of a gift that should be shared with others. To view and purchase our Sterling Silver Tree of Grace, click here.

Tree of Faith representing a virtue that can be felt and often times seen. To view and purchase our Sterling Silver Tree of Faith, click here.

Tree of Strength reminds me to stand strong and be true as to who I am. To view and purchase our Sterling Silver Tree of Strength, click here.

Tree of Wisdom reminds me to always seek the truth to find knowledge. To view and purchase our Sterling Silver Tree of Wisdom, click here.

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