New Designs Just in Time for Valentine's Day!

January 22, 2019

Valentines Day Gift ideas

I love Valentine's Day... for so many reasons. It was the day I became engaged to my wonderful husband. It was the day that my mother and father married back many moons ago. I remember those small heart candy boxes we received each year from our Father. A beautiful memory for a meaningful day!

Say "I Love You" every day with our new designed leather and sterling silver bracelet. Three colors available to choose from. 

I love you bracelet

Do you prefer to give flowers on Valentine's Day? I created these "A Flower Kind of Day" all leather bracelets. I love working with leather and how it can be shaped and formed.

Leather Flower Bracelet

Be sure to look at our Valentine's Day Collection 2019. 

If you don't see what you are looking for - please email me about custom designs!




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How A Design Comes Together

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