Memories of a tire swing

July 02, 2020

Memories of a tire swing

Sometimes I must pull away from designing jewelry and make art! 

When the pandemic of Covid 19 began - I found myself overwhelmed with emotions. I decided it was best to take time away from social media, news etc.

I decided to take some time for myself to “Make art!” 

Allowing myself to become absorbed into designing and then  making art, was a great escape. I chose a different medium other than silver or leather that my business requires. I have dabbled in hand wood carving over the years. But wanting to try something a little different. I chose “power carving” wood using a flex shaft (aka Dremel) and carving burs.  

Kutzall Wood Carving Burs     Beginning power carving on basswood     Torch used to scorch wood carving

I had no idea I would love power carving but am now hooked. My desire was to capture that little slice of past memories for my subject. A memory that was comforting to me. I chose an object very familiar to me… start with a tree and add a tire swing. 

Sometimes a break is what we all may need. My break allowed me to refresh my creativity and learn a new form of art and techniques.

I chose Basswood for its carve-ability. The process took nearly a week. I worked slowly from drawing. After carving and sanding, my handy torch allowed me to scorch the surface. This scorch removed the fibers that were loose. Lots of sanding after and finished up with acrylic paints.

Wood carving      Power carving

We all have heard the saying - take time to smell the roses... I say take time to create from memories! Art is good for the soul.

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