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Inspiration for Grannie's Garden

October 02, 2017

Inspiration for Grannie's Garden

Each of my designs were inspired by a person, place or perhaps a life event. When my brain is working in a design mode, the little wheels are turning at record speeds...Throughout the entire process, my mind and my heart are fully engaged and doesn't rest until the design is done. 

I am a loner, an introvert...I like it there! In my own space so to speak. In this sacred space is where my heart repeatedly reminiscences and replays the memories of my life. 

Designing and creating my Grannie's Garden pendant was refreshing and renewing to my soul. Some of my fondest memories of my childhood were of my Grannie, a woman of strength, wisdom, integrity, faith and love to name only a few of her glorious traits. (The list can go on and on!) Another trait that instantly comes to my heart when thinking of her is nurture which she did for all of her family and friends in addition to her gardens of flowers.

Pictured here is my Grandmother, aka Grannie proudly standing beside her beautiful red tulips which she nurtured each year.

Grannie's Garden Pendant

I designed and created my Grannie's Garden pendant in her honor in hopes to capture and reflect the nurture and care she consistently provided to not only family and friends but also to her tulips and other flowers. I believe all the time she spent digging, weeding and working in her flower beds was her time in her sacred space where she reminisced. She always told us that her flowers were so bountiful and beautiful because of all her tears that went into them. 

 Perhaps you have a lady in your life that has provided nurture, guidance and care throughout many years to her family and friends. This would be a perfect gift for her to express your thankfulness for her and her beautiful traits.


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