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I bet you didn't know this about butterflies...

January 29, 2020

Blue butterfly

Butterflies have always inspired me. The sheer willpower it takes to go into a cocoon as a worm (I know that's not technically what they are) and emerge from a cocoon with the power of flight is marvelous. I have been through some pretty amazing transformations in my life. And yes, I even feel like I found my wings after a long period of being unable to soar. The transformation a butterfly goes through is symbolic of the beauty that develops in us as we grow.

When I see the first flowering greenery pop up in early Spring, I know the butterflies will soon be dancing in my yard. What I find most interesting about butterflies is that they can't fly when they are cold. 

It seems I am more like a butterfly than I thought! 

I have been hibernating over the last few months because of the cold. I have been getting my butterfly fix early by designing these valets. I start with vegetable-tanned leather. This is one of the oldest ways of tanning leather and is much safer because it doesn't have any harsh chemicals. It's completely natural.

Gold Flower Leather Valet with Blue Butterfly

I cut and then soak the leather in water. This helps me to sculpt and shape it with the scalloped edges. Then I hand dye or paint the flower valet. I create the butterflies the same way. 

These valets are perfect for dressers and tables to place your jewelry or change in for the night. Really they are great for anything you have in your pocket. 

Flower Valet holding jewelry

Be on the lookout for a video that will show you exactly how I make them. The process is pretty interesting! Click here to order yours today!





Did you know there are over 750 different species in the U.S. alone? Here's a neat link to the Smithsonian's page on butterflies. You can look at all the different species! Click here to see the butterflies.

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