How A Design Comes Together

April 14, 2020 1 Comment

How A Design Comes Together

Every artist I know has a process of how their designs come together. I am sharing mine with you. It is a multi-step and heartfelt process.
  • First comes the inspiration; a thought or a view of an object within nature. From this point, the object is in my mind, thinking, heart searching and visualizing.
  • After feeling it in my soul, I draw! Many drawings of the object come and go, all lines with a couple of eraser debris laying on top. As I continue repeating the drawings, I ask if others along with me, will know this objects message?
  • After choosing the best drawing that reveals its message, I duplicate and watercolor. This is the stage where colors bring the pencil drawing to life. This chosen object now becomes more dimensional to me. I am confident and move forward in action;  sculpt/carve/etc and I have an idea of its outcome. I now know what materials to use!

Watercolor feather by TevaJane               Leather Feathers by TevaJane

I begin making this chosen object… remaking and remaking. I experiment with colors, finishes, techniques and add-on chain or cord. Considering how a customer may wear - is its design comfortable and how will it drape? What would a customer wear with this? Earrings, rings, bracelets ? My hands and mind continue to create matching earrings. Followed by many sketches  of a matching bracelet.

 After making several prototypes, I review each. A closer look of how it reflects the message while exhibiting the flow of nature. Examining its wearability and durability.

 That my friend is how a design comes together. A part of me is included in each of TevaJane's wearable pieces of art. Made by hand, body and soul.

Leather Feather Necklace    White leather feather necklace

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April 18, 2020

This is so great and exactly what I needed to read today! Thank you for this….maybe it will help me find a little inspiration of my own! Thanks for giving everyone a peak into the process!

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